The Ultimate Experiment

We are all players in this game or experiment called Life.

When we begin asking the big questions what is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the point of “LIFE”? The search for the answers begin, trying to seek out who has them. Perhaps this person has “it” figured out, or this one……Personally I’ve never been a “self-help” book junkie but I do read what inspires me, as well as watch inspirational videos and in my search I’ve come to realize I don’t think anyone has ALL the answers. We are just all searching for our happiness, for true joy.

We all contribute, with our uniqueness, we all offer something to link us to this big huge puzzle, the Universe.  All of it so real but yet not of it at the same time. An illusion, a game, an experiment. The way I see it we are all God-consciousness moving up and down the zero light line within the light body of our higher selves. Our direct connection from pure Source from up above and connected to the light at the core of the Whole New Earth. One huge heart space and within that heart is consciousness, the void on different levels/layers and depending on where you are within the higher self, will dictate what you are feeling.  So raise your vibe for the higher your vibration the more inline you are with the absolute, truth, the truth for humanity to live joyfully, to have several experiences to learn and grow from but ultimately to remember who you are.  All knowing and pure love.

Duality was created by man there really is no right or wrong, no good or bad just how it makes you feel dictates whether you perceive an action as good. So the reason I continuously repeat choose love, choose what brings you joy is so that you can stay in alignment with what feels good so you can continue to rise up, as you raise your vibe all that you are destined for is in place in alignment with you.

All the sychronisties events, people, places, situations, we are master manifestors so believe in what makes you feel good, pull yourself into your physical bodies because these are our game players that we are given to be able to have the human experience but at the same time don’t be so attached to the physical (learn to detach from the physical, the material as the material is a short-lived high that eventually fizzles out once the initial excitement of receiving it wears off). The miracles that every cell regenerating, self-healing, so the more energized you feel within your own body the more feel good action you will take, the more light and electricity is generated to keep the planet ever-growing, moving, expanding, breathing keeping it alive, we are all of it and it exist as we continue to exist.  So go within to get in touch with your highest self, expand your awareness, shift your perception to that of love and joy, pull your energy (your power) back into your physical body, keep calling in pure Divine love to continue to feel good and expand.

Divine Guidance to take Action

Be open, pay attention for you are in alignment with your higher self, Angels, Guides, Divine Source.  Guided by sending you thoughts, signs, symbols, reassuring you, you are on the right track. Continue to do the work of going within, with your positive energy, your power, you are able to bring forth the things you desire.  Such as the assignments that inspire you, ignites passion in you, it is your energy that brings about positive change. Keep on this path, trust and have faith, move forward with confidence in knowing all is well, all is taken care of and being done.  To take action, move into what feels good to you as we know whatever you put your heart into will be successful, for when you live in a true heart centered space with the desire to truly want to help others the universe sees and knows this.  You will live the life of ease and flow just as you have always dreamed.  Move forward, take action, be confident that you have the answers and we are here to guide you, with love always!

Intuitive Inspiration

Intuitive inspiration given to you by spirit will pop in as if someone just turned on a light in your mind.  You will feel it flow effortlessly as if someone was feeding you the information.  You will not only think it but it is the feeling it gives you as if it has to be done.  It will not come and go to be forgotten but will make you want to jump into action.  You will feel completely inspired to take action, driven beyond just a regular thought or idea.  Things will just flow in a way that doesn’t happened often and it comes with an inner knowing.

Trusting these intuitive hits is a huge factor, for a lot of people just ignore these inspired ideas.  It is those that try that will succeed.  Not all ideas will work but you must follow through for if you don’t down the road you may see someone else who took the intuitive inspiration given to them by spirit, put into action and succeed that will have you feeling as though they ran off with your idea, beating yourself up as to why didn’t you act on it when it was given to you and you were in alignment with it….

The feeling, to put it in reference to what a writer feels, the way the pen feverishly moves across the paper, thoughts and words are coming out faster than they can write.  Those are inspired creations given as gifts from spirit.  Enjoy it, life is easier when you are open to receiving and allowing it to flow, wouldn’t you agree?

Self Love & Children

Oneness, self-love, self-care, time for oneself is high on the list in order to truly give of yourself you need to have enough to give.  When you are depleted, defeated, exhausted, you are not present in the moment.  Your physical body is in the room but your mind is going in a hundred different directions.  Kids are very intuitive and pick up on things around them very easily.  When their parents are unavailable emotionally, they may begin to question their own self-worth and value.  Wondering “Why are mom & dad so unhappy? Was it something I did?”  So they will either act out, just to receive attention or withdraw.  And then begins the cycle of self-doubt, self-criticism and their imaginations may run wild with the racing thoughts of  “What did I do to make them so upset at me?”

Children are very sensitive to the energy all around them and aware of what is going on but may not fully understand why a parent is distant/upset or sometimes be more aware than the adults in their lives.  Just because they are little does not mean they do not have a deeper understanding.  Teach children to love themselves, to know their worth at a young age.  And just because you made a child does not mean you own them or can treat them like a trophee to exploit around and take credit for their accomplishments.  Let kids be kids, allow their creativity to flow, recognize they are their own person.  Your job as the parent is to love them unconditionally (without condition), try to keep them safe, fed, clothed and guide them when guidance is needed but allow their true personalities to shine.

We do not like labels, but whether bold and outspoken or shy and introverted, all traits can be looked at as strengths.  Never push kids to veer so far off from their true selves that they conform and mold into who they think they “should” be or who everyone expects them to be (especially to live out some unfinished dream or desire of your own that you did not accomplish, they are not an extension of you either).  You will find if you do not stifle the child, he or she will be confident and thrive in this world as all are meant to.

Our Higher Self

Your higher self is the part of you that is always connected to the divine, to God.  It is your enlightened spiritual being, your awareness to all that is, your higher consciousness.  Every time you go within, connect to source, your higher self, you open your mind, your awareness to more that exist.  It is the all loving, spirit part of you, that acts as a guide as well to help you through the physical realm.  Remember you are a soul, a spirit having a human experience but once you have connected to your higher self, your true self, you have connected to the truth of all that is and who you really are.  As you continue to connect with divine source and your higher self going through the physical world with more ease and flow, you find your power within, that exist within all beings.  The voice you hear sometimes is your higher self, your higher spirit, guiding you, connecting with you.  Trust yourself and remember within you is power, wisdom and truth.  That is why although yes we guide you too, your higher self guides you on your path towards your life purpose with ease.  Trust in yourself, your true self, your higher spirit, your higher self.

You Are Special

I am sending this as a reminder to myself and anyone else that is having a difficult time (a re-post of something I had posted a while back; a reminder that You are Special).  I thought I had gone through a transformation last year when I began to awaken and I did but the one thing I did not do is listen to the guidance that was given to me.  I did not listen to my heart, I did not fully do the work of going within to release all fear, doubt, worry and negativity that was stuck deep within me.  When I’m ready to fully share my story about how from one day to the next I went from a spiritual high to the next stopped completely in my tracks, flipped upside down, engulfed by fear.  The story of how my complete breakdown has begun to lead to a breakthrough….a transformation into my true authentic self (not quite there yet but the time is NOW).

Thank God for my tools and practices for once I could finally put a sentence together on my own and begin to kind of understand what was happening that I had been living in fear this whole time, pretending to the outside world everything was okay and had begun to move away from love for myself.  I began to use the tools I had learned but it wasn’t until I fully surrendered to the process and admitted to myself that I have no idea how to do this.  I believe we heal in others what still needs to be healed in ourselves and the biggest thing that has helped me is going back into my notebooks and reading the messages I had been given.  It was as if my future self was telling me the whole time what would happen if I didn’t listen, didn’t fully release and live from a place of authenticity.  These words of encouragement to help me through this extremely painful time.  It’s crazy because no one physically died but I feel a part of me did which I know will be a good thing one day but right now in the thick of it, it is my own personal internal Hell of old emotions, lies I believed in for so long, a false self…it’s scary, crazy and I don’t even have the right words right now to explain what I’m going through but all I know is I have to share the messages of encouragement that I have been given over the past year or so.  For if I can help one person with a positive message that has begun to help me heal then than I know I’ve done more than enough.


You will continue to raise your vibration, every time you go within it gets higher, your presence becomes stronger, we become more and more connected to you, it will seem so easy to connect.  Your gifts are blossoming.  We are here to help you and yes you will be able to help yourself and others.  As long as you are open to receiving and open to allowing there is no prayer to big that we are not willing to guide and help you with.  You have the power and with our help we will help you create whatever your heart desires as long as it stays in alignment with your true self.  You are worthy, continue to work on your relationship with yourself, continue to love yourself, take time for yourself without guilt and you will begin to see the miracles, actual miracles happen before your eyes.

You are special, remember that, repeat it out loud, You are special!  God has a special plan for you, you are unique, you are able to create beautiful loving magic.  Love yourself unconditionally just like we do, without judgement, you are perfect in the eyes of God.  Yes everyone has things in their life they can improve on but you are now aware of those things that may be holding you back and when you are ready we will help you to release those habits that no longer serve you.

Continue to learn, listen to the positive teachers that you’ve been listening to.  In your own unique way, you to can be a teacher and we can help you.  Be proud of how far you have come, once you removed the negative, self-destructive, inner chatter and replaced it with positive thoughts, added a daily meditation routine, added a daily way to move your body, began self-care and knew you were worth it, change happened, life shifts and it begins with the thoughts, there has to be a better way, life has to be better than this, I am going to make it better for myself, I am ready to move out of ordinary and live extraordinary.  Once that shifts takes place there is no going back.  Once you open yourself up to a beautiful life of ease and flow and stop living from fear, creativity begins to flow easily.

The Law of Attraction

Once you begin to feel love for yourself and find your self-worth, can raise your vibration, you can manifest your desires.  The law of attraction, Universal law that seemed to gain momentum after The Secret came out, is one that many are capable of achieving but it is not as simple as asking and then ta-da it arrives.  Eventually you can get to that place of asking and receiving but you must begin by finding your self-worth, loving yourself, feeling the love and joy all around you.  It’s how you feel that manifests. You can not be in a state of anger and frustration, then ask for your wants and desires and expect them to come into fruition.  You must be in a state of love, of feeling good aligned with source, aligned with the belief, the feeling of feeling good, believing and having faith, ask, be in the state of open to receiving and then allowing to receive.  So feel good, raise your vibration so that your frequency matches that, that you desire, be open to receiving, believe it is coming, open to allowing it in, staying in a state of feeling great as if what you have asked for has already arrived, believe, trust and have faith and let go.

Do not keep asking for it and asking for it, over and over again because now you are actually in a state of disbelief and resistance.  The more you ask, the more you try to control the outcome, the more you push it away, then you begin the cycle of feeling disappointed which pushes it away some more.  That is why it is so important to be in a constant state of love and joy, we know the human experience has ups and downs, situations arise but we promise you that the more love you feel, the more love comes to you, the less disappointments you will experience.  So keep going within, connected with source and stay heart centered, release the fear based thoughts and again you will live a life in perfect alignment with all that you desire.

The Power of Gratitude

Being in a state of gratitude is a huge part of my daily practices. Each morning right after my alarm goes off before I open my eyes I say “Thank you for another day”, as I sage in the morning setting the intention for the day I say thank you again, before, during and after meditation, during prayer, even as situations or lessons come up (even the challenging one’s) I say thank you for showing me what I need to work on and learn, knowing I bring forth everything into my life. And as I end my day before I go to sleep I say thank you again for guiding me throughout my day, for showing me what I need to know and for the good night’s sleep I am about to have.  The universe definitely takes notice and feels the deep gratitude that I have, the more you do this it becomes just as easy and habitual as brushing your teeth (while being mindful about what you have gratitude for). Below is a message from the Universal Helpers in response to being in gratitude:

Stay in this place of gratitude, for all you have now and for all that is to come.  Setting the intentions of what you want your life to be, but being in the now, in the moment, in your heart centered space of love and joy.  Knowing that any difficulties or challenges you have faced are of the past.  You have come so far from the person you were.  Keep up your practices of going within connecting to source energy, every time you do you ascend higher, raise your vibration and uplift those around you.

Go with the flow, do not push to hard to make your dreams come true knowing we are guiding you, if you are pushing you are resisting.

All beings are worthy of a beautiful abundant life full of miracles.  One must begin with going within connecting with their inner spirit, their higher self, their true self.  Once that happens they begin to shed old beliefs, begin the healing, open their awareness find their purpose, their passion.  Begin to trust their intuition, inner wisdom, begin the practices which you will share with them as how you came so far so fast.

Each person is creative, all here to co-create, the oneness, all the things you’ve learned….it’s now the time to share.  Move forward, take action and all is well.  You have the answers within, just trust in yourself, your abilities, your talents.  God has a plan for you and each being on the planet, you just need to follow the guidance.  With Love!

Unique Creativity

Creativity and uniqueness are the words for today.  Everyone has their own gifts and talents, our creator has created every unique spirit to use their  special gifts, to be creative in helping humanity move forward.  Creativity is what inspires you and others, it motivates and ignites passion.  When your gifts are used for the greater good, the universe takes care of you, you will notice people, places and situations put in your path on this journey towards your creative mission.  Be open to seeing and feeling the signs, the synchronicities as they come.  Use your gut feelings, your intuition to guide you as you gain more confidence in yourself you will have a deep inner knowing that guides you, remember we are always guiding you in the most divine way on your journey.  Be confident that the answers are within you, trust and have faith in you.  As it begins with you!  Continue to release any doubt and fear that may still be holding you back, release it into the light, remember you are a talented, creative being who lights up the world. Trust and have faith… and have faith!  Be creative and confident in your unique abilities and we are always here when you need us.  With Love!

Energy & Healing

Just need to take a moment to remind you that you are strong, you are a light to the world, you vibrate at a higher frequency, bringing you close to source energy, you are pure.  In life although you are meant to live in ease and flow there are always lessons to be learned in every life situation.  But now you are aware of a world beyond your four walls,  a world of spirit, of helpers, of guides that are here to help you with these lessons. You are never alone so there is nothing to fear.  When fear creeps in, remember that is just the ego, it’s okay to feel that feeling and then release it into the light, give it to God and God will take care of it.

Relationships are how you learn and grow, all relationships, your relationship with yourself is the most important one, all others are secondary.  Stay on your path, you have so much to learn, we have so much to teach you, we’ve only touched the surface.  You will continue to learn about energy and how to move it, how to live it, love it, mold it, touch it, smell it, feel it, hear it, sense it.  You want to know now, remember enjoy the process be in the now, that is part of your experience.  You can learn from others but what you learn from your higher self, your experiences and your guides is unique.  Enjoy it!

There is nothing you can’t get through.  You are eternal!  So even the saying what doesn’t kill us makes you stronger, holds true and even death of the physical body because your soul continues.  The only thing we take with us is love, no fear, no pain, no anger, no frustration, those are only felt in the physical body but we are here to guide you through those emotions and help you heal.  You can live a life of miracles, keep repeating your affirmations daily, they help you heal, they help you grow.  Trust your inner wisdom, your intuition, you wonder what we are doing when you hear our presence, feel our presence, we are helping you even if you don’t fully understand what is taking place during meditation, during prayer, we do, we are working with you and on you to heal.